“A Stinky Coverage”

Did you know that an often missed coverage or one written with very modest limits is a valuable coverage on most home or property insurance policies? When trying to save money on your property insurance maybe leaving off or not buying more of this Stinky Coverage” doesn’t makes cents BUT could costs you BIG dollars.

Sewer and drain backup coverage provides you coverage if your city sewer system backs up into your property through sinks, showers and bathtubs. Although most insurance companies offer this coverage (some don’t!) they do so at a $5000 dollar limit. Yet you can purchase coverage for up to $100,000 for usually under $100.00 a year.

Just imagine waking up to the smell of raw sewage streaming across you floors and clinging on to your walls and furnishings and finding out you don’t have any coverage or just enough to wonder why you didn’t get more.

I am attaching a very good article on this very subject by accessing the link provided.


Please feel free to contact your Pacific Partners agent or give our office a call so we can review your policy to make sure this valuable coverage is available to you.